Walls and Bridges : day 2 - VILLA-GILLET // WALLS AND BRIDGES //

Walls and Bridges

Walls and Bridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.

Walls and Bridges : day 2

Last Friday at New York Live Art, one performance and a discussion were dedicated to exploring our conscious and unconscious thoughts...

The Parisian company Oh Oui ! performed their short experimental musical "Songs for my Brain", exploring the power of our brain and its multiplex, enigmatic mechanisms.

After that, a discussion between neuroscientist Lionel Naccache and Joachim Latarjet from Oh !Oui provided explanations on the splendors and miseries of conscious and subconscious cognition, which both play a major role in our daily life.



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