Walls and Bridges

Walls and Bridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.

Picq Pascal





Pascal Picq was born in the Parisian suburb. After his high school studies he went to the University Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris to obtain a bachelor degree in the theoretical physics. Meanwhile, his growing interest for human origins and evolution pushed him to fol¬low a parallel course in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Sorbonne.
Pascal Picq is currently a paleoanthropologist at the College de France. His research focuses on the evolution of hominid skulls and the study of the behavior of monkeys and apes in relation to the origins of the human lineage as well as the theories of evolution. He works at the department of Paleoanthopology and Prehistory along with the professor Yves Coppens, the co-discoverer of the famous Lucy, a young female australopitecine 3,1 million years old.
In France, Pascal Picq belongs to a very small tribe of university scholars having the opportunity to participate to discussions with private companies or corporations about foundamental question such as evolution, adaptation, the patterns of hu¬man behavior, the strategy of power etc.



+ Watch online Pascal Picq's conference on What it means to be Human? [French]