Study day « Littérature numérique & performance » - VILLA-GILLET // AIR // LES ASSISES INTERNATIONALES DU ROMAN 2012

Diversity of voices, diversity of languages : one week of events and readings in Lyon and in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Study day « Littérature numérique & performance »

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05/27/2015 >  09:00 - 17:00
Villa Gillet
25, rue Chazière
Lyon 4th

The reasearch centre MARGE organizes a day-long workshop : « Digital literature and performance »
The workshop aimes at questioning digital writing as a performance, and digital writing for a performance : how can the digital shape specific forms of permormances ? How are these new forms of performances dependent on former practice ? Other issues will be tackled, such as the role of the texts in living art and theatre or the resistance to a literary field that is full with narrative works.

Organization : G. Bonnet (MARGE / Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University) ; S. Bouchardon (Costech / Compiègne) ; L. Haute (ENSAD) ; A. Saemmer (Cemti / Paris 8).


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