How to talk about conflict ? - VILLA-GILLET // AIR // LES ASSISES INTERNATIONALES DU ROMAN 2012

Diversity of voices, diversity of languages : one week of events and readings in Lyon and in the Rhône-Alpes region.

How to talk about conflict ?

05/29/2013 >  21:00 - 22:30
Les Subsistances
8 bis Quai Saint-Vincent
Lyon 1er

Whether conflicts are social, intimate, political, or internal, they rhythm our days. Their complexity and diversity provide writers with infinite narrative patterns and resources. In appropriating these multiple variations and intrigues, how does writing come as close as possible to the essence of the human condition and paint the portrait of the world today?

With : Hoda Barakat / Drago Jančar / Horacio Castellanos Moya / Keith Scribner

Hosted by :

Catherine Simon 
Keith  Scribner
Drago  Jančar
Horacio  Castellanos Moya
Hoda  Barakat